What Are The Driving Laws On The Autobahn?

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Imagine this: You’re driving as fast as your European automobile will let you. The speed is exhilarating and you never knew your vehicle would handle this well at high speeds. (It’s European. It’s built for it!) You don’t get pulled over. What? You can drive that fast without repercussion? Well, can drive as fast as you want on the Autobahn in most places, and the trip to Germany is well worth it. In fact, Prestige European Auto Service technicians have it on their bucket lists. Here’s what you need to know.

Safety First

Even though there are places on the Autobahn without speed limits German authorities still put safety first. They want you to enjoy the expressway; not be killed on it. As such, there are speed limits at times and in certain locations. The Autobahn uses a dynamic speed limit so you will see speed limit signs along the highway. They are digital and change for driving conditions. For example, if it’s raining, authorities will reduce drivable speeds on the Autobahn. If there has been an accident, a speed limit will be enforced, as well, as will it if there is construction going on.

Another time you will see a speed limit on the Autobahn is when you are driving through major cities. You cannot speed through Berlin at 100 miles-per-hour. Rather, safety comes first and when you approach or drive through major German cities you will see speed limits enforced at 50 mph to 80 mph. Make certain to honor them. The authorities are strict when people might be in danger, and when you’re stuck in traffic, you’ll notice drivers sticking to the left of right. This is to create a center lane for emergency vehicles in the event of – well – an emergency.

Additional Laws

If there is no speed limit, you are free to go as fast as you want, but it’s crucial you keep a few things in mind. The autobahn is an automobile-only highway. Bicycles, mopeds and pedestrians are not allowed on the thoroughfare. All passing must be done using the left-hand lane. It is illegal to pass a slower vehicle on the right. Running out of gas is illegal, too, which might seem extreme but think about it: A stall on the Autobahn could deadly very, very quickly.

If you do have car trouble, you must pull onto the shoulder, but don’t use the shoulder for anything else. Sure, here in the States we pull over to use our cell phones but that’s a no-no on the Autobahn. The shoulder is only for stalled cars. It’s best, however, to exit the Autobahn if you’re experiencing car trouble and, regardless, you can only enter or exit the Autobahn via the approved intersections. You cannot stop, park or backup on the Autobahn and don’t even think about flipping a u-turn.

There you go. That’s a basic wrap-up of the driving laws on the Autobahn. Now, you just need to book your trip. In the meantime, know that Prestige European Auto Service in Fort Lauderdale, FL, are European auto care experts. Call us at 954-358-4994 today.

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