How Does American Car Design Differ From European Car Design?

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Many of our customers ask us the titled question, and our answers below will help explain why we love European automobiles more than anything else. In fact, European auto service and repair is all we do here at Prestige European Auto Service. So, what is the difference between European and American auto design and do those differences really matter? Keep reading so you can decide for yourself which you like better: foreign or domestic.

Size Matters

Europe has older smaller roads in most of its major cities, towns, and villages so the primary difference between European and American auto design is size. American consumers tend to love everything big. They’ll snatch up super-sized SUVs and Hummers quicker than they’ll look at a MINI Cooper, but a Hummer couldn’t fit on many European thoroughfares. This is why most European cars are compact, even if they are luxury or sedan models.


Europeans believe that style is expressed through everything, including their vehicles, whereas Americans tend to be more pragmatic when it comes to their automobiles. For example, many people in the States buy large, sturdy pickups because they use them for their work and weekend recreation. In Europe, vehicles are sophisticated and sleek to denote wealth and social standing… or coolness, in the case of Bond, James Bond. Come on! You know you want an Aston Martin.

Handling Speed

Have you ever driven the Autobahn? If you haven’t, you should definitely put that on your bucket list. Can you imagine driving your front-heavy, heavy-duty pickup at 150 miles-per-hour? Yeah… probably not a good idea. Speed limits in Europe aren’t the same as they are in the United States, which is why European automobiles are designed and manufactured for high performance and steady handling at high speeds. Most are manual, too, not automatic.

Fuel Efficiency

The final reason why we love European automobiles… okay, why European automobiles are different from American ones is efficiency. This might come as a shock to you, but European vehicles are more fuel efficient and tend to have a longer lifespan than American automobiles. Didn’t see that one coming, did you? It might seem as if American cars would be the most fuel efficient due to our reliance on gas, but this isn’t the case.

Now you can see why we here at Prestige European Auto Service love European automobiles so much. We help customers in both Oakland Park and Fort Lauderdale, FL, so call us at 954-358-4933 or 954-767-6837, respectively, and let us service or repair your European wheels.

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