Does My Car Need High Milage Oil

As you drive your car, it can start to wear down over time. European vehicles with higher mileage over 75,000 miles need extra attention to ensure that every component is working the way it should. When it comes to oil changes, a product called high mileage oil can help combat excess wear and tear and keep your engine running smoother, longer. So, do you need high mileage oil, and what are the benefits?

High Mileage Oil and How it Works

High mileage oil is specially formulated to work with European vehicles that typically have around 75,000 or more miles on the odometer. This product can reduce oil consumption and emissions. It also works well to help reduce the number of leaks and oil seepage older cars typically encounter. This specialized oil contains different ingredients than standard motor oil like additional detergents and antioxidants. These additives will help to reduce friction that can cause harm to older engines. It also helps to clean out sludge and debris.

Do you Need High Mileage Oil?

If you own a European vehicle with over 75,000 miles on the odometer, you can likely benefit from switching to high mileage oil. Even if your car hasn’t reached this mileage milestone, it may still benefit from high mileage oil. That’s because your engine seal can erode as time goes on and cause an oil leak. Here are some signs that you may want to consider using high mileage oil:

  • If you notice oil stains where your car was parked, it could be time to use high mileage oil. Even if these stains appear to be small drips, it could be an indication that some engine parts are starting to loosen or wear down.
  • If you see streaks of oil on lower engine parts after opening the hood, it’s time to consider upgrading your oil.
  • If your engine is running much louder than usual or you notice a rattling sound, the engine may need a denser oil like high mileage oil.
  • What Are the Benefits?

When you switch to high mileage oil, there’s a number of benefits for your vehicle. First, you’ll get reduced oil consumption since older cars tend to leak and burn more oil due to worn engine seals. This specialized oil will also break up and reduce excess sludge in your engine. As you drive, older engines will accumulate this dirt and grime much faster than cars with lower mileage. Using high mileage oil will also protect your engine from excess damage by protecting all of the components inside your engine.

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