Prestige European provides complete auto repair services, from light bulbs to engine rebuilds and everything in between. We service and repair all cars, trucks and SUV’s, all makes and models.

  • Light Bulbs - Headlights, turn signals, interior bulbs, for any car…. We sell and replace them all.
  • Spark Plugs - Running a little rough? New spark plugs can put the spark back in your car.
  • Belts - Avoid being stranded with a broken belt. We change serpentine and old school v-belts!
  • Overheating - Is your car running hot, leaking coolant or overheating? We diagnose and repair engine cooling systems. We repair serious problems like blown head gaskets.
  • Batteries - We sell and install quality Interstate Batteries in all cars.
  • Wipers - Keep a clear view of the road. We sell and install windshield wipers.
  • Brakes - We service & replace brakes on all car makes and models. Stop by today for a free brake inspection.
  • Engine Rebuilds - Your car need some serious attention? We rebuild engines and we are Land Rover engine rebuild specialists.
  • Starters - If you car isn’t starting, and your starter is bad, we can replace it. We also do complete starting and ignition system diagnostics.
  • Suspension - Is your car riding rough? We can replace all suspension parts, including shocks, bushings, control arms, etc.

This is just a short list of the car repair services offered at Prestige European, contact us now to schedule an appointment.