Scheduled Maintenance

Prestige European is your trusted choice for expert routine maintenance and service of you vehicle.

We provide competitive rates for standard services such as synthetic oil changes, transmission fluid changes, coolant flushes and other preventative maintenance services.

Our fees are a fraction of dealer prices and are competitive with discount oil change lube shops but performed by our experienced expert technicians!

  • Oil Changes - Keep your car running smooth and strong with regular oil changes. Modern engines can be reliable for many years and thousands of miles when you adhere to factory recommended oil change intervals. We only use motor oils that meet or exceed factory specifications.
  • Air Filters - Your car needs clean air to breathe freely and you need clean air in the cabin to breathe. We sell and replace engine air filters and passenger cabin air filters.
  • Engine Coolant Flush - Engine coolant should be flushed and replaced on factory recommended intervals. During coolant flushes it is prudent to replace hoses and other cooling system components if signs of fatigue are noticed.
  • Brake Fluid Flush - Most car manufactures recommend flushing brake fluid every 2 years. Brake fluids is hygroscopic fluid that attracts moisture. In Florida’s humid climate it is important to flush the brake fluid to avoid brake system corrosion and failure.
  • Transmission Fluid - Over time transmission fluid breaks down and can cause transmission problems. We recommend you change and flush transmission fluids and replace transmission filters, if any, on factory recommended intervals.

This is just a short list of the scheduled maintenance and preventative maintenance services offered at Prestige European, contact us now to schedule an appointment.